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Travel Protection

Travel should be worry-free.  But what if something happens?  What if you or a loved one becomes sick?  Your bags are lost or stolen?  Or you need to cancel a trip due to an emergency?

Main Street Tours highly recommends travel insurance for your peace of mind.  We have acquired the most worry-free product on the market today, ensuring reliability, integrity, and ease of claim processing for our most valued clientele.

Travel Insured International, has become the gold standard in travel insurance products through innovation, experience, and excellent customer service.  They have marketed and administered the most comprehensive policies available in the industry and are leading the way in developing new solutions for the insurance needs of individuals and families.  Whether you are traveling close to home or around the world, Travel Insured International will provide the security you need to enjoy your trip. Travel Insured International.

To purchase Travel Insured International trip protection, or for more information, 

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